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The Red Hand cut a swath of destruction through the Vale two decades ago, and Stoughton was not spared. For the last two decades, the town of Stoughton has slowly rebuilt itself. But since the Red Hand's defeat, thankfully Stoughton has been quiet, much to the relief of its population. Unfortunately, it hasn't stayed that way.

During the last couple of weeks, orcs, goblins and hobgoblins bearing a symbol that many see as a variation of the Red Hand's has terrorized the townsfolk by raiding the Hall of Great Valor at night, stealing treasures and taking prisoners. This bold move has frightened many a person in town. They look to the council to solve the problem but, as of yet, the council has done nothing. Rumors of corruption swirl as the townsfolk wonder why the council is not doing more to protect them. Only one council member, Eoffram Troyas, has told the people of his idea; he wants to send adventurers to deal with the orcs and their kind. However, the rest of the council is hesitant, given the fickle nature of most adventurers.

Something needs to be done though. The people are tired and scared, the council is at its whits end, and no one wants a repeat of what happened twenty years ago. Will no one step forward?!


20 Years Ago:

  • The group known as The Lione's saves the South Shore at The Battle of Stoughton.
  • Arch Wizard Beverly Stoughton using her ritual magic’s closes the portal of the invasion forces. Then systematically eliminates hordes of the Red Hand Troops, as
  • Warlord "The Anvil" Arvizu “kills" the Demon Lord Abraxas. Putting an end to his invasion plans.
  • With there commander dead, their leaders and hordes of fellow troops being blasted off the field, the invasion forces of the Red Hand are broken and either surrender or flee.

20-15 years ago:

  • The Lione's clean up the South Shore, and establish Town of Brockton for former Red Hand troops that have decided to live peacefully in the Vale.
  • Stoughton: The Town of Brindol was renamed Stoughton after the Arch Wizard Beverly Stoughton, when she saved the town against the Horde of the Red Hand.

15 years ago:

  • The Lione's form The Lione's Guard: Guardians of Good in the Vale.

10 Years Ago:

  • Minions of the Demon Lord finally avenge the death of Demon Lord Abraxas, by maiming "The Anvil" Arvizu and killing his wife Rianna Small-Arvizu.

05 Years Ago:

  • Mayor Brock (formerly General “Elf Bane“ Brock of the Red Hand) is killed by assassins for leaving the Horde and joining Humanity 10 years ago.

Day 01:

  • Your at a Tavern having a drink after a long day, waiting for Moon to show up so she can buy dinner.

General Info on the Lione's

Warlord Pateras "The Anvil" Arvizu: Leader, Husband, Father….Missing

Wizard Rianna Small-Arvizu: Genius, Wife, Mother….Killed?

Arch Wizard Beverly Stoughton: Leader, Genius, Lover…Missing

Warlock SwordMage Veyrin Blackstar:Apprentice, Lover… at Tower of Stoughton

Fighter Malek "The Maverick": Missing

Rogue Immerstal "The Red": Missing

High Priest of Corellon Bryen "Small" : Missing

The image above shows The Lione's before they merged and became the Super Group of Legend: Malek, Pateras, Immerstal and Beverly.


The image to the right shows the group Hans'M'Ones, before the joined The Lione's:

Paladin Hans M. Guy, Battle Priest Bryen Small, Sword Mage Rianna Small and Sword Mage Blackstar

Soon after the events in this image, Paladin Hans M. Guy was killed while healing Blackstar. The party kept fighting the good fight, but they were about to be eaten alive, when the then unknown Lione's came in and saved them. Soon after the two party's (the Lione's and the Hans'm'Ones) joined and formed the party the whole region knows today as The Lione's.

Within months after forming the new larger group, love was in the air, and new couples were formed. Pateras and Rianna , Blackstar and Beverly, Bryen and Immerstal all fell in love. Malek as always being the ladies man is single (or with the latest female adventure they meet).

Basic World Info:
The Lione's: The Elite Adventuring Party that saved the region that Stoughton is in.
The Lione's Guard : Created by the Lione's, a regional guard of the Vale/South Shore. Created to protect the area if they are not in the area (and for when they retire).
The Town Guard : Not part of the Lione's, but a 200 strong Guard unit of Stoughton (also another 200 townfolks can be called up to form a militia).
The Red Hand : A Horde of Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, Tieflings, Demons that came via a magical portal to invade the South Shore, The Vale, and the Planet.

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