Chapter 1

Session 1: 10/09/2008
Our story began with our young heroes sitting in the Antler and Thistle whetting their whistle. At a table between the bar and the door sat Ator, Kaletra and Amitiza talking about the previous days events. The teams drunkard and pal Vidocan was at the bar talking it up with Brian the Bartender for more cheap drinks. Everyone had a little rumble in the stomach as they waited for Moon to show up. Moon was no where to be seen, on her day to buy dinner.

Suddenly, the door burst off its hinges and a group of goblins ran into the bar, looking to wreak havoc upon it occupants.

Kaletra and Ator quickly rose and dealt with these goblins. The heroes just started to relax when another group of goblins ran into the tavern. One of the pesky little goblins was able to stab Vidocan, and another was able to throw a bitumen torch at the bar, lighting it and a fellow patron on fire. Our young heroes were too strong to be taken out though, and soon after dealt with the goblin problem at the tavern.

With the bar finally cleared of goblins, Ator and Brian quickly rounded up folks to form a bucket line to put out the fire.

For a few minutes everything seemed to have calmed down, as folks were working the bucket line. Unfortunately, this calm was not to be….

From around the corner appeared a curious site; an ogre yoked to a cart filled with large casks and two hobgoblins with bows. Before the heroes could react the ogre threw a lit barrel at a guardsman on the road. The barrel exploded upon impact, singeing a guardsman, but not burning him badly.

Luckily, our heroes were not touched by that explosion. The heroes carefully engaged the ogre and slowly but surely dispatched him and the hobgoblins, with Amitiza constantly healing Vidocan during the battle.

The party ready to celebrate victory, and reaching a life goal of being town heroes, heard a call down the road that help is needed at Beverly Bridge…..

Session 2: 10/30/2008
The party reached the bridge…

On the bridge was a battle between some members of the town guard and a few members of Sinruth's Red Hand.
As the party got a little closer to the bridge they noticed that Moon was in the middle of the fight on the bridge. (So that’s why she wasn’t in the bar buying them dinner).

Before anyone could react, Brian the Bartender raced to the bridge to help Moon.

The rest of the part quickly got the courage and rushed towards the bridge as well. Ator was directing the party and smashing goblins and stabbing at Ogres. Amitiza was flirting with Ator while casting spells at the enemies and healing allies. Vidocan is once again in the middle of the fight, dealing damage and getting stabbed constantly by the Goblins and Ogre on the bridge. Kaletra was popping in and out dealing her shadow damage, while staying safe from front line combat.

It didn’t take long but the party helped the guards kill of the remaining Red Hand Invaders from the bridge, when the Captain of the Guard appeared. He spoke elvish with Ator, congratulating them on a job well done. The High Priestess also asked for assistance from Amitiza.

After things calmed down at the bridge, the heroes helped all they could with some cleaning up the mess, some helping the guard, and others helping to tend to the wounded.

The next morning, the heroes received a knock at the door and a summons from Councilman Eoffram Troyas asking that they meet him in his office. They did and the Councilman told them of his plan and the towns need of assistance.

The party agreed to assistance Councilman Troyas informed them town treasures had been stolen from the Hall of Great Valor and the people that had been abducted during the last raid. Even though Councilman Troyas thought it was a good idea to send adventures. The council would need to be convinced that this was a good idea. The PCs convinced him they could perform the task, especially Ator, with his impassioned speech that finally convinced the party.

In order to find the abductees, the heroes interrogated a captured hobgoblin. They weren't able to force him to draw a crude map to the lair the new “Red Hand” led by Sinruth. But they got a general idea of where to go. The heroes gathered items needed for the days journey and went to bed, ready to adventure…

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