Synopsis Pre Campaign

For the last two decades, the town of Stoughtonl has slowly rebuilt itself. The Red Hand cut a swath of destruction through the Vale and Stoughton was not spared. But since the Red Hand's defeat, Stoughton has been quiet, much to the relief of its population. Unfortunately, it hasn't stayed that way.

During the last couple of weeks, orcs bearing a symbol that many see as a variation of the Red Hand's has terrorized the townsfolk by raiding the Hall of Great Valor at night, stealing treasures and taking prisoners. This bold move has frightened many a person. They look to the council to solve the problem but, as of yet, the council has done nothing. Rumors of corruption swirl as the townsfolk wonder why the council is not doing more to protect them. Only one council member, Eoffram Troyas, has told the people of his idea; he wants to send adventurers to deal with the orcs. However, the rest of the council is hesitant, given the fickle nature of most adventurers.

Something needs to be done, though. The people are tired and scared, the council is at its whits end, and no one wants a repeat of what happened twenty years ago. Will no one step forward?!

Chapter One
Session One - October 09th, 2008
Session Two - October 30th, 2008
Session Three - Coming Soon

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