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You can reach me at:

  • Email: moc.oohay|ialokink#moc.oohay|ialokink
  • Cell or Text: 617.365-9852

My To Do List: So you know what I am doing.
Get a wiki site up
Get a How To Play D and D
Get a Campaign Handout Ready
Email Folks
Re-Read the Module
Read the PHB
Read the DMG
Get Gaming Area Ready
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Items on Hand

  • The Players Handbook
  • The Dungeon Masters Guide
  • The Monster Manual
  • The Dungeon Master Screen
  • Printed Character Sheets
  • Printed Quick Play Character Sheets
  • All Handouts (in folders for everyone)
  • A set of new dice for each player (to keep as gift - I'm a santa clause DM)
  • Tact Tiles (with Dry Erase)
  • Mini's
  • Folders to keep stuff
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