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I have cribbed some of your stuff off the site and I am using it at my new wiki at

I have acknowledged you there.

Thanks again,

Barry Stephenson.

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So the 30th has been confirmed for our second session. I’ll be home before 6, and will have food ready by 6:15 (or have a pizza order in by 6:15). Most likely I will order pizza, but also have Jambalaya (Sausage & maybe Chicken, no shrimp version), (fresh) Stuffed Biscuits (stuffing will be a mix of sausage, cheese, etc), and some kind of sweet (Brownie Nutella maybe). Actually I might also make chicken fingers that night…mmm I’m hungry its lunch time.

Drinks are ok, but tell me if you want something. We didn’t have that much drinking at the House Blessing (outside of Rum and Skygria). Plus my drink making skills are weak.

On to geekier stuff…..incase you don’t recall what happened last time….

Recap of Session 1: also located at

Session 1: 10/09/2008
Our story began with our young heroes sitting in the Antler and Thistle whetting their whistle. At a table between the bar and the door sat Ator, Kaletra and Amitiza talking about the previous days events. The teams drunkard and pal Vidocan was at the bar talking it up with Brian the Bartender for more cheap drinks. Everyone had a little rumble in the stomach as they waited for Moon to show up. Moon was no where to be seen, on her day to buy dinner.

Suddenly, the door burst off its hinges and a group of goblins ran into the bar looking to wreak havoc upon it occupants.

Kaletra and Ator quickly rose and dealt with these goblins. The heroes just started to relax when another group of goblins ran into the tavern. One of the pesky little goblins was able to stab Vidocan, and another was able to throw a bitumen torch at the bar, lighting it and a fellow patron on fire. Our young heroes were too strong to be taken out though, and soon after dealt with the goblin problem at the tavern.

With the bar finally cleared of goblins, Ator and Brian quickly rounded up folks to form a bucket line to put out the fire.

For a few minutes everything seemed to have calmed down, as folks were working the bucket line. Unfortunately, this calm was not to be….

From around the corner appeared a curious site; an ogre yoked to a cart filled with large casks and two hobgoblins with bows. Before the heroes could react the ogre threw a lit barrel at a guardsman on the road. The barrel exploded upon impact, singeing a guardsman, but not burning him badly.

Luckily, our heroes were not touched by that explosion. The heroes carefully engaged the ogre and slowly but surely dispatched him and the hobgoblins, with Amitiza constantly healing Vidocan during the battle.

The party ready to celebrate victory, and reaching a life goal of being town heroes, heard a call down the road that help is needed at Beverly Bridge…..


When can we play again? I will assume Thursday Nights are best, so the Dates list below reflects that. As a plus I got Christmas week off to be with Wifey, so that week I can play at any time that week (if I am not shopping/baking/etc).

Oct. 23, 30
Nov. 06
Nov. 13 Day-After Birthday goodies for Maileah and Patriots vs. Jets
Nov. 20 Pre-Birthday goodies for James
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving
Dec. 04, 11, 18
Dec. 25 Christmas

What will we eat? We can always order Pizza, or Joes/Chili’s/Fridays/Finz/Bugaboo/Vinny T’s/Brickhouse or we can pick one from each list below. If we eat outside food, I like Pizza for the fact I banned it until the wedding unless folks want it on D&D night. (KT: everything falls under touching or language.)

Main (yes, I know everything I make is in a pot or in the oven)
No Seafood Jambalaya with Chicken.
Greek Lasagna (Pastichio)
Chicken Parm Cass
Wifey Chicken Wings (spicy)
Chicken Chasseur (has mushrooms)
Eggplant Parm Cass
Baked Ziti with Pesto (kinda like lasagna)
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Chicken and Biscuits

Real Easy Quesadias (not spicy)
Beef Stew
Chili (old style, no more testing on yall)
Creamed Spinach (real good)
Potato and Cheddar-Cheese Soup (Food with Bacon)
Dirty Rice (with sausage, not liver)

Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies
Boxed Brownies with extras
Cupcakes with Frosting
Pecan Pie
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie

I dont eat salads. I know I should, but I dont. But I’ll have Chrissy make salad if yall want it.

I recommend: Jambalaya. True, I can’t find really good smoked sausage locally, but the spices and the shrimp make it tasty. Yes, I will brag and say my cooking skills are slowly coming back, so the food will taste better than the chili I made last time. Chrissy's stuff is always good and spicy (her chicken wings are broiled to perfection and spicy and sweet). If yall can’t decide I can be a geek and roll a d10 for dinner, a d6 for sides and another d6 for sweets. (I rolled 1, 4, 2: So menu will be Jambalya, Creamed Spinach and Boxed Brownies (prob with Raspberry or Nutella mixed in, dice rolled at )


P.S. This summer, this will be a minute away from the house. DAMN!!!! ( ). Why do I see hating them come next Christmas time.


We last left off, you were thinking about heading over to Beverly Bridge…..

**Thoughts that might be running through your head….

Am'ah'teaser:** Should I go to the bridge? It's getting kind of late, and High Priestess expects me to report in. I'm here in Stoughton studying to be a healer, a priest, a leader of the community…screw it, the town needs my help.

Kaletra: Ahhh, the chance to show my skills, to teach those that are weak that they are no match for me. So what if the Guild of the Warlocks expects me at our weekly meeting.

Vidakan: Those mother fuckers messed up my bar, and now they are messing with Toughtown. Last week the Free Barbarians League talked about taking care of your own. It's time to take care of some biz-ness. FOR BRIAN!!!

Ator: Was it just a few days ago I was talking to Councilman Troyas that adventures are part of the solution to securing Stoughton. Time to prove it to the town, the council, the gang, heck to anyone who disagrees

All: Where the hell is Moon? It's her night to buy dinner.

Moon: These mother fuckers are coming into my town. If the boss taught me one thing, "If you dont know him and you get challenged, kill'em". This should be fun, hope the gang is safe, they are so soft and innocent. Godmother would be so proud of me.


If you would like a Gamer Chic's perspective Check out —>

Re: Old Start Page Info by ChuckelinaChuckelina, 13 Oct 2008 13:55


Reminder that next Thursday we will make characters (or use quick start characters) and play a little. This way new to newish folks can see if this is what they want to do on random Thursdays.

NOTE: In case anyone thinks we are playing outdoors in the woods with weapons, we are not. We play at table with dice and papers. Chrissy was worried we were going to play outside at night with the mosquito's. I love my wife she so new to D&D she cracks me up….anyway, more geek info below (disregard the non food info iif you like).

So far:
P will have Rum, Coke and Ice (as the only meal, snack and drink). hahaha.
The rest of you: Will eat, drink and snack on whatever I feel like. Dont be shy about saying what you want, thats why I ask.

In Game Info:
Races: Drow -You can play Drow (if anyone wants to make Mackey jealous, just mention this) Link:
Drow write up: From the moment of the ancient betrayal, the drow have dwelled in the bowels of the earth, nestled in the bosom of the Spider Queen, where they suffer her insane whispers and attend to her capricious demands. For most, there is no life other than service to Lolth the Spider Queen. They want nothing more than to be the vessels of her dark desire. To deny the wishes of the goddess is to invite unspeakable agony, scorn, ostracism, and, most likely, annihilation. Indeed, few drow even dare to think of breaking with the traditions that have informed their culture for hundreds—if not thousands—of years, for who can say whether the Spider Queen is listening when your thoughts turn to treason?

In Game Info:
Classes: Swordmage - You can also play a Swordmage: Link
SwordMage write up: A swordmage wields an arsenal of elemental attacks. Brandishing a blade infused with arcane energy, a swordmage is a force to be reckoned with. A character can unleash an inferno upon enemies one round and launch a frosty assault the next. Although this gamut of powers can be a boon when faced with enemies resistant to a particular element, it also hinders one's ability to specialize with a particular element. If, for example, a player wanted to fashion a swordmage as a pyromancer, he or she would find no choices conducive to this path at 3rd, 5th, or 9th levels. This article provides elemental-based powers across the Heroic tier to fill in the gaps and offers a path for feats and attack powers to maximize one's elemental potential.

Kostas - Chuck - Chuckelina - Kostakie - Hubby - Charlie

October 3, 2008 by ChuckelinaChuckelina, 03 Oct 2008 15:12

The Chosen DATE is in the calendar as October 9th, 2008


Ramblings/FYI on characters:
Incase you don’t want to create one from scratch or don’t like your character. I’ve have gotten over 30 pre made characters (from and other game sites). They can be found at (under +Files on bottom of page).

James (or anyone)
Can check out Chrissy’s Character at to confirm its legal.

An example of Pre-Made Characters; I put it on KT’s page . Eventually I’ll put everyone up on the site. This way I can be king of the geeks (I don’t like challengers).

James or P
If you already made characters, send them over if your not to-to busy.

Still need to tell me what you like to eat and drink. Don’t make me text/sms you.
James: Bud Light and Little Fish Crackers
KT: Bud Light and Doritos
P: Midori Sours and Cold Cut Sub
Mai: Cold Martini and Cheese
Chrissy: I know what you like.

FOOD (Below or Papa Gino’s):
What I will make at 6:00, even if no one shows up and wife goes shopping with my sisters
Chili: Beef, Tomato, Beans, Corn, Spices (maybe some sausge)
Chili Sides: Corn Bread or Bisquits, Chips, Cheese, Sour Cream

Oven Fresh: Cookies and Bisquits (if no Corn Bread)

Grill if not cold or not raining: Chicken, Burgers, Sausage, random veggies, big piece of meat in freezer left by O.
Grill Sides (Maybe): Black Beans, Rice (Lozano’s Sauce in Beans – Costa Rican Goodness)

Salad: Tomato-Onion

KT: Grilled Cheese Samiches can be made.


You are at the correct wiki site if your going to be playing D&D with Chuckelina.

For the new folks (CN & MN) the best way to look at Dungeons & Dragons (IMHO): You are playing the part of a hero in a fantasy movie. My part is that of the narrator in the movie.

Before you start worrying that you do not know how to play.
Dungeons & Dragons is simple.
It will take us all of 10 minutes to explain the basics to you when we meet up.

Still not sure?
A Typical Game Situation:

I describe a scenario, you say what you want to do, I tell you that you can do it or I tell you to roll some dice to determine if you can. Its that simple.

We will have battles, deal with traps, solve puzzles and I'll do my over the top play acting of characters you meet along the way.

Feeling a little bit better I hope. If your still a little nervous. You can even try out this interactive flash site to get a feel of the game. This is a few years old, but it will give you a feel of the game.

Remember: It's all about having fun. If we cant get into the game. We can just drink, eat and play party games.
Old Start Page Info by ChuckelinaChuckelina, 25 Sep 2008 19:35


I've decided to email you all daily until either a date is picked, or you let me pick a date, or you just hate me for emailing you everyday with this geekie stuff. Muahahaha.

Reminder I hate work, its boring configuring apps/databases all day, everyday, over and over. SQL statements are boring, ask P he knows.

Character Histories:
I wrote one up for Chrissy, we can attach your characters to her history or you can tweak the info below to fit her character history. Then again we could just use other character histories. Anyway here is some info to get you into the game….

Chrissy – Rogue
Chrissy was shaped and molded as an instrument of vengeance. Her father, Pateras Arvizu, a former member of the Lion Guard, lost his legs and his wife to an entity from the hells during the attack from the Red Hand on Stoughton. Her father unable to take vengeance himself, raised Chrissy with this seed of vengeance instilled in her, using all of his means to have her schooled in Striking Vengance on Hellish beings.

At puberty, Chrissy was given the opportunity to learn "the way". Her father paid for her to be taught by the late Immerstal the Red, in Stoughton. Immerstal The Red is missing and presumed dead.

For the past year, Chrissy has brought her talents to the organization of her father's legacy, the Lion Guard. They allow for Chrissy to train under the Guard for a debt they feel owed by the Guard to Arvisu. Though some of her actions and methods frighten the Lion Guard, Chrissy is an accepted and loved by the guard for her prowess and place in combat. She is merciless to her chosen foes. Chrissy also has an itch to break from the Guard and become a ‘hunter’ and to adventure in the woods.

Note: The Lion Guard are an elite unit of Soldiers who protect the South Shore/Vale/Stoughton Area. There like the National Guard. The Red Hand were an evil Army that attacked Stoughton. Chrissy isn’t a member of the Guard, just always around the Guard.

Examples of connecting characters:
KT - Warlock

Chrissy mistook KT for a type of creature that killed her mom. Being built for vengeance Chrissy went in for the kill, and would of succeeded if Mai was not near to heal KT. After everything was straightened out, KT healed up, with Chrissy visiting her daily if not hourly as she healed up. A year later they are now friends. Chrissy now feels indebted to KT, and has become a protector and is quick to strike anyone who challenges KT. KT on her part has forgiven Chrissy, and knows her friend for the past year always has her back now. Many a times they have fought there way out of a tough spot. Usually at a bar drunk. But they got friends…..

Mai – Healer
Her first week at Temple in Stoughton, Mai decided to take a break from study and help the masses and the poor of Stoughton. As she walked the roads of the town, not even 20 feet outside of her temple she saw a rouge-ish (Chrissy) character stike and take down a Tiefling (KT). She ran over quickly, calmed down the rogue quickly and the n quickly bandaged up the Tiefling. Together with the calmed rogue, they brought the tiefling into the temple bandaged her better and healed her some. Over the next week the healer and the rogue watched over the tiefling as she healed. The rogue promised the healer, that she would keep her anger in check, and would pray with her for guidance. The healer and the rogue would pray together every morning and then share morning tea, forming a friendship that has grown over the past year. The Healer, has become a pro at healing. Many a morning she has had to heal up her friends after another long night at the bars and taverns of Stoughton.

James – Fighter
New to Stoughton, James is prepping to join the Lion Guard. He recently tried out and was told he is a little green, but an excellent prospect. He was told a little practice, and working for a local town he should be good in a few months if not sooner. James didn’t fully agree with the meatbags, but he is making the best of it and has entered Stoughton with plans of joining the local militia or maybe some mercenary work until his next tryout.

One day he noticed the LG tattoo on the back of the neck of a rogue-ish character. They started to talk about the Lion Guard, and the evil Red Hand. James figured a quick way into the Guard is by being friends with someone who knows them well. The past three months he has become good friends with the Ladies, even helping them out at any time. He has recently met a wizard who is always with the Rogue and always asking him questions.

Paloukos – Wizard
For a good part of his life, the wizard spent most of his nights in jail for drunken and disorderly behavior. Behind him he left a swath of broken noses, spell scorched walls and highly offended barmaids. Waking up in the drunk tank, he always managed to scrape the coppers together to pay for damages and appease the bar owners. Further, he eventually became friends with the guardsmen that hauled him off every night. He never fought back when they arrested him, and was generally polite.

Finally, one day as he was preparing to leave his cell and try to find work for the day, the captain of the guard stopped him. “Paloukos, how long can you keep this up? One of these days you’re going to pick a fight with an adventurer or an ex-soldier, and rather than carting you off to jail, we’ll be tossing you into a shallow hole. Why don’t you come work for us? We’ve seen your handy work up close many times, and it’s obvious that you’ve got the physical and arcane skills for the job. Plus, all the men respect you, even if you make life hard for us.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Paloukos smiled wide, showing his broken smile, and accepted the captain’s offer. After all, he might as well get paid for thumping heads. His first duty and main task this past year, even though boring, has been to keep an eye on the rogue Chrissy. The older Guards in town all loved and respected her father, and wanted to make sure his child is always safe. Paloukos has become friends with Chrissy and her two friends over the past year, and is even starting to get along with the new guy (James) who is always hanging around Chrissy.

The Lion Guard in Town: View Chrissy as their own child and part mascot since she is a teenager. They view Paloukos as a hired gun to make sure she doesn’t get hurt before she can protect herself. They view KT and Mai as her friends. They view James as new guy, and are waiting for Paloukos to report on James character.

First Big EMail by ChuckelinaChuckelina, 23 Sep 2008 12:23


Lets pick a date to play on, or at least meet up create characters and have some drinks and eat some food.

I propose the following dates:
September 23 (before shield, if we are only making characters)
September 28th
October 2nd
October 3rd


First Game Day by ChuckelinaChuckelina, 16 Sep 2008 13:23
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