The Guides, and what they are good for

Basics on Dungeons and Dragons - A decent guide on how to play dungeons and dragons. Not that a bad of a read if you want to be familar with the game before you start. or use this flash site:

Quick Play Guide - Gives you desciption of key terms in Dungeons and Dragons. Not really needed, but useful to me.

Campaign Handout - A quick write-up on the world we will play in.

NPC's - Non Player Characters in our world. Folks that you will meet. Not needed, but incase you wanted to know.

Locations - Places you know of and have visited in the game.

Creatures - Creatures that you have seen.

Character Races
You may play any race listed in the Player’s Handbook or you may play the Warforged Dragon magazine. Stoughton is composed of mainly humans, half-elves, and dwarves, so it wouldn’t be difficult to be from the city.

Character Connections
As you think about your character background, please consider connections between your character and the other player characters, and try to forge a strong bond with at least one other character. Besides other player characters, you might also have ties to NPCs in Stoughton.

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