Kaletra - Tiefling Warlock

Kaletra - Tiefling Warlock
"Turning people into frogs is so boring; I prefer to burn them alive."

STR 10 (+0) CON 14 (+2) DEX 08 (-1)
INT 13 (+1) WIS 10 (+0) CHA 20 (+5)

Initiative • -1 • Move • 6 • AC • 13 •
Fortitude • 12 • Reflex • 12 • Will • 16 •
Hit Points • 31 • Bloodied • 15 • Healing Surge • 7 • Surges Per Day • 8 •

Acrobatics: -1
Arcana: +1
Athletics: 0
Bluff: +12
Diplomacy: +5
Dungeoneering: 0
Endurance: +2
Heal: 0
History: +1
Insight: +5
Intimidate: +5
Nature: 0
Perception: 0
Religion: +1
Stealth: +1
Streetwise: +10
Thievery: +4

Race Skills:
Bloodhunt: +1 to hit bloodied foes
Fire Resist: 5


Toughness +5HP

At-will Powers:
Prime Shoot
Shadow Walk

Encounter Powers:
Infernal Wrath: +1 vs creatures that you hit last turn; +5 tp damage
Witch Fire

Daily Powers:
Curse of the Dark Dream

Cloth, Leather Armor

Character Background:
“The first body turned up, or so I was given to understand, two months to the day after my arrival in Stoughton.

The body was found smoldering in the back of a dank alley, where stale urine masked the smell of cooked flesh, it was a sight terrible to behold.

Hair, clothes, skin—all these were entirely absent, as though they had never been. Eyes and blood had boiled away, flesh blackened thoroughly enough to flake away, even the bones were cracked and scorched. To say the poor gal had burned to death was an understatement, for the flames had inflicted such damage.

Stoughton was no stranger to violent murder, but a killing as grotesque as this was shocking to the townies. Still, after a brief bout of sensationalist rumor-mongering, the populace’s attention was drawn elsewhere.

Until, of course, the second such killing, and the third, and the fourth. All like the first to the untrained eye: utterly destroyed by fire, practically cremated alive.

The first one though was different, that poor soul was my dear friend Kelley, the rest of them were the warlocks who performed the ritual of fire on her. My plan for vengance is almost complete…

I still seek their leader, the one they call the Dragon. The guard search for "him" daily now, they think he "did" all of this. Thankfully they dont know the Dragon is a woman, this gives me the chance to get to her first. I'll avenge you Kelley, I'll get the last of the biotches who burnt you alive and took you away from us.”

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