Moonahkey - Halfling Rogue

Moonahkey - Halfling Rogue
"If I had stolen yer coin, you wouldn't have known!"

STR 08 (-1) CON 14 (+2) DEX 18 (+4)
INT 10 (+0) WIS 11 (+0) CHA 18 (+4)

Initiative • +4 • Move • 6 • AC • 16 •
Fortitude • 12 • Reflex • 16 • Will • 14 •
Hit Points • 26 • Bloodied • 13 • Healing Surge • 6 • Surges Per Day • 8 •

Race Skills
Bold: +5 vs. fear.
Nimble Reaction: +2 racial bonus to AC vs. opportunity attacks.
Second Chance: force enemy to reroll an attack.
Skill Bonuses: +2 to Acrobatics & Thievery.

Artful Dodger:
+4 bonus to AC vs. opportunity attacks.
First Strike: combat advantage against any creatures that have not acted yet in the encounter.
Rogue Weapon Talent: +1 bonus to attack rolls with a dagger, 1d6 shuriken damage.
Sneak Attack: +2d6 damage to any target you have combat advantage against (once per round).

Acrobatics: +11.
Bluff: +9.
Insight: +5.
Stealth: +9.
Streetwise: +9.
Thievery: +11.

Lost in the Crowd:
+2 bonus to AC when adjacent to two larger enemies.

At-will Powers
Deft Strike: +8 vs. AC, 1d4+4 damage, move 2 squares before the attack.
Sly Flourish: +8 vs. AC, 1d4+8 damage.

Encounter Powers
Positioning Strike: +8 vs. Will, 1d4+4 damage, slide the target 4 squares.
Second Chance: when an attack hits you, force an enemy to roll the attack again (immediate interrupt).

Daily Powers
Blinding Barrage: +7 vs. AC, 2d6+4 damage, targets are blinded until the end of your next turn;
miss: half damage and no blinding (close blast 3).

Daggers (3): +3, 1d4, off-hand, light thrown; Leather Jack: +2 to AC; Purse: 45g; Shuriken (10): +3, 1d6, light thrown; Thieves' Tools: +2 to open lock or disarm trap.

Character Background
Moonahkey is a being shaped and molded into an instrument of vengeance.

The reason why? Moon "lost" her mom to an assassin from the Hells. The assassin was hired to perform this task as payback for her parents inolvement in the Battle of Stoughton.

Her anger over the loss of her mother at puberty, has led to her deep anger and mistrust at anything not human or halfling.

Being the daughter of "The Anvil" gave her opportunity to learn "the way" from Immerstal The Red. Her father left Moon in her care to be taught the way. Moon knows her father also plans on her getting trained in spell craft, but Moon loves what she has learned under "The Red" and her associates.

Immerstal has been gone for the past year on personal business. So Moonahkey has brought her talents to the organization of her father's, The Lione's Guard. They allow for Moonahkey to train under the Guard for a debt they feel owed by the Guard to Arvisu. Though some of her actions and methods frighten the Lione Guard, Moonahkey is an accepted and loved by the guard for her prowess and place in combat. She is merciless to her chosen foes. Moonahkey also has an itch to break from the Guard and become a ‘hunter’ and to adventure in the woods.

Note: The Lion Guard are an elite unit of Soldiers who protect the South Shore/Vale/Stoughton Area. Moonahkey is not a member of the Guard, just always around them. Many a soldier in the group got trained by her father.

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