Non Player Characters

Characters in Stoughton

  • Trabalard Yab (gnome; owner/barkeep of Antler and Thistle)
  • Brian Small Brian Small (Human; Bar manager of Antler and Thistle)
  • Shank Gavriel (human; proprietor of Gavriel Arms and Smithy)
  • Torgin Kuraki (half-orc; owner of Stoughton Gentleman’s Club)
  • Natalie Nettlemead (halfling; cleric at the Moondust Temple)
  • Rillor Paln (human; owner of the Silk and Spoon)
  • Shining Servant Tredora Goldenbow (human; cleric of the Shrine of the Sun)
  • Lord Warden Harrik Orenna (human; public face of the city council and commander of the city militia)
  • Councilman Eoffram Troyas (half-elf; newest city council member)
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