Moonahkey - The Halfling Rogue
Kaletra - The Tiefling Warlock
Amitiza - The Eladrin Healer of Corellon
Ator - The Eladrin Sword Mage
Vidocan - The Dragonborn Barbarian

Pre Made Characters - Some quick Play.

Character Connections
As you think about your character background, please consider connections between your character and the other player characters, and try to forge a strong bond with at least one other character. Besides other player characters, you might also have ties to NPCs in Stoughton.

I have also attached files to this page.

364_Warforged.pdf - Gives you info on the Warforged
365_Character_Concepts.pdf - Gives you a couple of concetps for characters
366_Characters_of_War.pdf - Gives you concepts on characters for our Campaign Setting
4ePHBindex_TheGamerDome_v2.pdf - Index to all of the books.
CharacterSheet.pdf - A character sheet
dnd4e-rules.pdf - Quick Rules on DnD

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